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To be the heart of our community by providing services that everyone uses and benefits from at different times of their lives and by continuously striving to improve the infrastructure and social environment of our Garden City.


The FLOWS Project - Foster Local Outcasts Without Stigmatisation, financed by the European Union for Citizens Program of the European Union to the Municipality of Santa Lucija, ended Saturday, March 24th at the Santa Lucija Serenity Garden in Malta. The project involved delegations from Lubriano, Castiglione in Teverina and Civitella d'Agliano (Italy), Repashuta (Hungary), Wieliszew (Poland), Shijak (Albania) and Deryneia (Cyprus) in 5 days of discussions and exchange of good practices aimed at promoting the debate on solidarity in times of crisis both within small communities and at the level of European States. The guests were also able to enjoy the hospitality of the Maltese citizens and the celebration of the beginning of the Holy Week, experience the traditions and local traditions.

The first sign of the project was the signing of an agreement of friendship between the municipalities of Lubriano and Santa Lucija, the result of contacts between the two communities started in 2015 and which will lead to an official twinning.

"The desire to establish a twinning relationship between our two communities originates five years ago and stems from a deep friendship between the two municipal administrations and from 2015 the official twinning protocols were undertaken" declared the Mayor of Lubriano Valentino Grasparri. "Having come to the signing of a Friendship Agreement despite the years that have passed and the change of municipal administrations is a clear sign of the strong will of the citizens to carry out this project". "Santa Lucija and Lubriano are two small communities that have a lot in common, from their rural character to the strong commitment of social assistance for its inhabitants", says the Municipal Councilor of Santa Lucija Frederick Cutajar "and forging a twinning relationship is fundamental for the creation of actions in network and the exchange of good practices on relevant and common issues".

During the Conference of 23rd March, delegations were able to present their cities and actions in the field of integration, assistance to citizens and social housing. The meeting, in the presence of the Mayors of Santa Lucija, Lubriano and Repashuta, has created a fruitful debate that has stimulated the exchange of knowledge and good practices between local associations and bodies and project partners. At the end of the discussions the delegates proceeded with the planning of a follow-up for the continuation of FLOWS and for the enlargement of the European network.

"On behalf of the Municipality of Santa Lucija and all citizens, I would like to thank all the delegations who took part in FLOWS, contributing to create a special experience for our city" declared Mayor Terrence Ellul "Europe was a guest in Santa Lucija and citizens of different nations got to know our hospitality, our traditions, our history and our excellence in the field of social promotion and solidarity support, creating a fertile ground for exchange and promotion of a stronger sense of European citizenship.At the end of this experience we are increasingly convinced that it is essential for small communities to initiate actions at European level, with the aim of promoting their excellence and at the same time increasing and internationalizing skills, developing networks, improving their position in Europe".



The locality of Santa Lucia has an area of 0.7 km squared. (latitude.35º51’45” N longitude 14º30 ‘16”E). In this locality we find a high population...


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As from ancient times the Chinese Garden has always provided a symbolism of a world which outcomes that which can be seen or which...


The Jogging Track is an exercise park in the area known as the Olive Garden which forms part of the green belt surrounding the locality of Santa Lucija...

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    Terrence Ellul,
    Mayor of Santa Luċija,
    July 2016


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